Timbermate Woodfiller, 250g


Proudly 100% Australian made and owned

• No Waste, Usable to the last drop. If tub dries out just add water to soften.
• Won’t Shrink, Sink, Crack or Fall Out.
• Suitable for use in all Timbers including Particle Board M.D.F. (Custom Wood) *Plaster Board, Flooring, Panelling etc.
• Can be used as Wood Putty, Sanding Sealer, Prime Coat, Grainfiller, Crackfiller, Undercoat & Edge Filler all in one.
• Available in 13 Timber Tones plus Natural. Use White for top coats only.
• Can be tinted in wet state or overstained when dry. Use any type of Colorant i.e. Water Based Spirit based ochers etc.
• Easy sanding, will not clog paper when DRY Sanded dust can be mixed with water for re-use.
• Fast drying approx. 20-30 min, but can be heat dried with a heat gun or lamp for faster drying. Temperature can affect drying time.
• Clean hands or tools with water.
• Non Flammable, Non Toxic,Non Yellowing.
• Solvent, Latex and Acrylic Free.
• Heat Proof and Freezeproof.
• Provides a strong foundation for all top coats inc.
• Takes nails, screws, planing, sawing, drilling and routing
• Can be used on Metal,Plastic, Fibreglass and in Foundries.

Item No. Price
Timbermate-Brush Box $29.36
Timbermate-Cedar $29.36
Timbermate-Ebony $29.36
Timbermate-Hardwood $29.36
Timbermate-Jarrah $29.36
Timbermate-Mahogany $29.36
Timbermate-Maple $29.36
Timbermate-Natural $29.36
Timbermate-Oak $29.36
Timbermate-Pine $29.36
Timbermate-Rimu $29.36
Timbermate-Teak $29.36
Timbermate-Walnut $29.36
Timbermate-White $29.36
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