Countersunk Screws Chipboard ,Flat Head Pozi Drive

Pozi Chip

• Zinc Yellow / Zinc Plated
• Use Pozi Driver Bit #2 
• Coarse Thread
• Head Type: Countersunk Self Embedding With Nibbs

enlightened Order Per Box (1,000 pcs / box)
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angel Catalogue: 9-2A

Item No. LengthGaugeDescription Price
Pozi Chip-25 25mm8gZinc $28.72
Pozi Chip-28 28mm8gZinc $32.14
Pozi Chip-30-Yellow 30mm8gYellow $31.82
Pozi Chip-32-Yellow(discontinued) 32mm8gYellow $32.56
Pozi Chip-35 35mm8gZinc $36.32
Pozi Chip-38 38mm8gZinc $37.98
Pozi Chip-40 408gZinc $41.30
Pozi Chip-45 45mm8gZinc $43.66
Pozi Chip-50 50mm8gZinc $47.76
Pozi Chip-57 57mm8gZinc $55.38
Pozi Chip-65 65mm8gYellow $66.48
Pozi Chip-65 (10g) 6510gZinc $78.12
Pozi Chip-75 75mm10gYellow $99.94
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