Vero Soft Closing Internal Standard Drawer Set 84mm Height

Inner SC-201

84mm Height
Colour: White
Load Capacity: 35kg

enlightened Order Recommendation
   1 x Drawer Set (SC-201 Series)
   1 x Front Corner Bracket Set (H: 84mm)
   1 x Front Panel (L: 1100mm)

cool Product Guide

Item No. Description Price
SC-201-270M-KIT L: 270mm $50.54
SC-201-350M-KIT L: 350mm $50.54
SC-201-400M-KIT L: 400mm $51.32
SC-201-450M-KIT L: 450mm $54.80
SC-201-500M L: 500mm $57.28
SC-201-500M-50Kg-KIT L: 500mm $72.22
SC-201-550M-50KG-KIT L: 550mm $79.70
SC-201-Inner-301 Front Bracket Set (H:84) $9.96
SC-201-Inner-311 Front Panel (L:1100) $32.36
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